Sunday social eating event in Sheffield welcomes all

By Emily Mukherjee

A social eating ‘pay as you feel event’ is being organised by Greg Hewitt, Student Engagement and Development Coordinator at The University of Sheffield.

Plans are for the event to take place every Sunday, at Foodhall on Brown Street.

Meals are prepared by volunteers using surplus ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away by supermarkets.

Originally inspired by Nottingham’s ‘Secret Kitchen’ this will be Hewitt’s third social eating event he has helped organise.

Mr Hewitt said :

‘’It’s a really powerful thing, being able to bring people together over food.”

In 2019, Hewitt’s social eating event in Chesterfield saw over 90 people attending, to eat and meet new people.

Mr Hewitt said :

‘’With the cost of living affecting more and more people, pay what you feel social eating meals are a great way of bringing people together to eat delicious food as well as stopping food from being thrown away.’’

The importance of inclusivity is emphasised, with both vegetarian and vegan options available.

Previous dishes served up included curries, noodles and pasta dishes, all depending on the selection of food available each week.

The event also aims to assist those feeling isolated or lonely as volunteers are there to encourage conversation and provide support.

Mr Hewitt added :”It’s very intergenerational, such a huge community project that has so many benefits to it.”\

Particularly due to the huge impact lockdown had on our freedom to meet new people, events such as these are hoping to bring communities back together.

Students are also encouraged to volunteer in between their studies on a casual basis.

‘‘There are no maximum commitments just a willing to want to help to do something great in the community.’’

Currently, Foodhall run a regular social eating meal every Friday, although it is hoped a Sunday event will allow more people to get involved.

More information can be found on Foodhall’s website :

Or their Facebook : Foodhall/Sheffield

Written by Emily Mukherjee

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