Small local business in Attercliffe collects for Ukraine

By Charlotte Beever

JD’s Snack Shack in Attercliffe has taken it upon themselves to make their shop a drop off point for supplies that will be taken to Ukraine and neighbouring countries that are taking in Ukrainian refugees.

Jess Scott, 23, a colleague in the business from Handsworth, said she “saw the effects of what has happened and she wanted to contribute in any way that we as a business can”.

The business took to social media to share about what they are doing, this led to a lot of shares which helped them have such a brilliant collection. Miss Scott also said that they’re regulars would often just bring something every time they visit and that would grow to masses.

Lee Hallam, 44, from Firth Park is just one of those who have brought in donations. Upon his mother’s death his father was left with a large supply of sanitary products from being her carer, the father and son decided to donate these products to a good cause. Mr Hallam also informed us he had Ukranian neighbours and “words couldn’t say ” what he wanted so he chose an action.

The small business has so far collected an exceptional amount of non-perishable foods, sanitary products, first aid kits and lots more. Miss Scott encourages larger companies to take part and do their share to make that small impact that could potentially save lives.

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