Is life with Covid nearly back to normal?

By Alex Bull

The Government’s relaxation of Covid restrictions seems to have taken full effect as people continue their daily lives as normal despite continuously high numbers of cases.

Shoppers in Meadowhall shopping centre over the weekend reported that amongst thousands of people, it was rare to see anyone continuing to wear a mask.

Jeneane Collins, 59, said: “The shopping centre was packed (on Saturday), but no one was wearing a mask.  

“I don’t wear one (a mask) nearly as much anymore, but when there’s that many people, I feel a bit uncomfortable without one.”

The hashtag ‘Covid’s not over’ is currently trending on twitter, as news stories and government concerns have focused increasingly on the war in Ukraine.

This has meant the pandemic has received far less coverage of late, and people have become to seem a lot less wary of the Coronavirus as a result.

This is often regarded as positive, as people return to work and go out as they please. However, some are more fearful as those who contract covid are no longer required to isolate.

Cathy Hownden, 34, said: “I understand that people need to get back to work, but if you’ve got Covid it’s absurd to think that you would be out and about in town, especially without a mask.”

There were still over 30,000 new Covid cases in the UK just yesterday with more than 170 deaths, although the total cases per day continues to fall in number.


Written by Alex Bull

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