Weapons left on the doorstep of Sheffield widow in sinister threat

by Jade Bullen

A widowed mum of two has been subjected to terrifying threats for weeks – after a stranger  left sinister weapons on her doorstep.

Police are now investigating after Charlotte Bassford’s six year old daughter found a knife on March 2nd.

This frightening discovery came after scissors were left twice on the step outside their Crookes home, on January 22 and the second was found the following week on the 29th. 

Miss Bassford, 32, a cleaner in a pub said: “It has scared us as we don’t know why we are being targeted or who by, we don’t know if it’s a threat to us. 

Miss Bassford said: “The first time I checked for any attempted entry but didn’t find any so brushed it off as something  being a bit weird.

“When the next pair turned up a week later I knew something wasn’t quite right.”

She explained that after living for Crookes for 10 years, it has only been until recently that she has started to feel unsafe due to the rise of crime in the area such as burglaries. 

She added: “I think more police patrols in the area would be great, recently there have been a lot of burglaries, damage to shop windows along the main road and car thefts.”

Miss Bassford has reported the incident to the police who today are coming to collect and destroy the items. 

Written by Jade Bullen

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