Thugs smash window to raid cash till in third Crookes hairdresser attack

By Filipa Justino

Thieves have struck at a third hairdressers in Crookes this year, stealing cash from the till and leaving the owner in tears.

Urban Cuts, on Crookes Road, was hit last Friday morning at 2am leaving the shop’s front glass window shattered.

The vandals took £200, expensive hair products and more equipment from the five-month-old business.

Urban Cuts is the third hairdressers in the area of Crookes and Crosspool to be targeted – Salon 130 was attacked last week and Inspiration was also vandalised last month.

Shop-owner Vicky Gkrampovari, 45, said: “I was terrified. We’re just simple people looking after our business and helping the community and each other. It’s very sad why people act like that.”

Mrs Gkrampovari, who moved to Sheffield seven years ago from Greece with her family, received a phone call from a neighbour at 8.30am last Friday morning, informing her of what had happened and was left in tears when she saw the damage.

She told ShefLive: “I feel bad, and mad, because I’m trying hard, I’ve been trying hard with the business. It’s the first time I have my own shop and sometimes some things like that makes you more sad. I hope the police do their job and find them, so they don’t continue to do this to other hairdressers.”

The case is under investigation by the police and the salon remains open as usual. If you have any more information about this do not hesitate to contact the police on

Written by Lisa Bradley

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