Tesco employee strikes back against increased price of beloved meal deal

A Sheffield Tesco employee has lashed out against the supermarket chain for increasing the price of its iconic meal deal by calling it a “a scam.”

Previously, the price of a Tesco meal deal which includes a main, side and drink for £3.00, has increased by 17% to £3.50.

However, if you own a Tesco club card, the price of the meal deal inverts back to its original price. Club cards are available free to pick up and register but must be over 18 years old.

A Tesco employee has said: “this is a marketing scheme to force customers into registering for a Clubcard.

“Some of the customers who buy meal deals regularly are under 18 years old and now must pay extra for their meal deal.

“This is unfair and obviously a scam.”

The supermarket wrote on the twitter site: “”Whether you love Peperamis or plant-based sarnies, keep your Meal Deal £3 with your Clubcard or Tesco Grocery and Clubcard app, now includes Costa Coffee. Terms and conditions apply.”

Momentarily, the tweet attracted a lot of controversy with fans giving their critical views on the cost of the meal deal.

One tweet said:” What they don’t advertise is that Clubcard customers face extra security checks at checkouts!! This includes Tesco’s staff!!”

Tesco have introduced over 3000 products that are registered with the Clubcard discount.

The Clubcard was introduced in 2019 as a reward scheme to collect points when they do their daily shopping at the store.

Shoppers can also sign up for the Tesco Clubcard plus £7.99 per month which provides subscribers 10% off groceries in-store twice a month and 10% off clothing all the time.


Written by Javier Tucker

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