Tedx Talks event comes to University of Sheffield


Business students at the University of Sheffield have organised the first Tedx event in recent years, inspired by Women in Business.

First year Business Management and Economics student Maria Gordillo has set up the event in the wake of International women’s day, with the theme: Challenging minds, empowering perspectives. 

After hearing about the sexist microagression’s affecting her classmates, Gordillo set up the event with the help of her Tedx Team of peers, to host the event for a diverse range of speakers. 

Statistically women face struggles in the corporate world. A recent Forbes survey showed only 13 per cent of the most senior members of staff working on investment teams in venture capital and private equity were women. 

Miss Gordillo said: “Iv’e always tried to go above and beyond of what is expected of me and doing this in a male dominated field often surprises people. I realised that most of the time it wasn’t because of their interest in my passion and dedication, it is because I am a girl”.

The speakers of the event include Penelope Dick, a Professor from Sheffield university’s management school and Matt Milligan, a young entrepreneur featured on ‘Forbes 30 under 30’. 

Miss Gordillo expressed her passion for the event, taking place on the 30th of April this year. 

“I know this happens too many other girls and on different scales, that is why I am especially looking forward to Penny Dicks talk, since she will be touching on gender discourse”.

The topics to be covered include sexual education and Fintech. The event itself has been completely organised by students from first to final year. 

Tedx is licensed under Ted Talks, as a smaller and community based alternative designed to unleash new ideas, inspire and inform. 

Since Covid-19 large scale events have had to be minimised at the University, so for Gordillo and her team, this is an exciting opportunity. 

The event will be open to the public, with tickets available to purchase through their social media links including @tedxuos. 


Written by Lisa Bradley

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