South Yorkshire Police criticised after first sustainable conference

by Jade Bullen

Facebook users were quick to take South Yorkshire Police to task after its first sustainability conference was held in Doncaster last week. 

The conference, held at Potteric Carr Nature Reserve, studied the importance within the police force of individual action for climate change and understanding the links between well-being and nature. 

But some members of the public were less than impressed.

Christine Armstrong commented: “Stop with politics, the green crap and do the job you’re paid to do.”

Bill Redlin, another Facebook user, asked: “Is this a wind up??”

But user Emily Gr said: “Really pleased to see this.”

Various departments across the force have created action plans for their teams, with the focus on how they can work more sustainably. 

This follows the launch of a five-year sustainable strategy in 2020 which is linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, aiming to reduce negative environmental impacts and encourage social contribution. 

South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable Lauren Poultney said: “Delivering sustainability is a shared responsibility across the force, with everyone committing to take action.” 

The five year plan promotes not only issues with sustainability but also encourages reducing inequality, improving education as well as promoting responsible production and consumption. 

The force claims to have taken further sustainability action over the last decade through installing renewable energy technology, sourcing green electricity, improving waste and recycling systems, introducing hybrid and electric vehicles and supporting sustainable purchasing decisions. 

Chief Constable Poultney added: “It has been fantastic to be a part of our first ever Sustainability Conference and to hear from experts in their respective fields.”

During the conference staff participated in talks from guest speakers and an outdoor activity led by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.

Written by Jade Bullen

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