Guests relocated from The Cutlers Hotel following sudden closure

Mystery surrounds the sudden closure of a major Sheffield city centre hotel.

An email went out on Wednesday March 2, informing everyone with a booking that the hotel had to close with immediate effect on February 27 for renovation works.

Each individual reservation is being put under review as the hotel tries to arrange ‘alternative accommodation’.

One guest said: “It’s sudden and annoying, we haven’t been told there is any kind of emergency but I’m assuming there must be. We’re a bit in the dark about it all. I’m only glad I didn’t have an event booked there”

The hotel could have just given us a refund, but instead we have been relocated to a hotel a five to ten minutes away. If it saves me from having to dig around then I’m pretty happy with that.”

A guest who booked through a third party app said “I have been told one thing by the hotel and another from the booking provider. I’m so confused! Communication could be a lot better, this is a lot of stress to deal with on top of general life”.

Hotels with a Best Western membership are managed independently. Best Western Head Office has said they found out about the closure over a week after it happened.

Best Western Press has been contacted for details, and we are awaiting a response.

Written by Rebecca McPhillips

Journalism Studies student at the University of Sheffield. @RebeccaMcP2 on twitter.

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