The ‘Sunday Social’ that is tackling food waste, social anxiety and loneliness

by Leila Danjoux-Ferry

A weekly social eating meal is launching in Sheffield later this month to combat food waste and loneliness in the community.

The sessions will take place every Sunday at the Foodhall on Brown Street and will serve meals made from donated Supermarket waste and surplus.

Everybody is welcome and a three course dinner will be offered at a donation of your choice.

Greg Hewitt, 33 and an organiser of the Sunday Social, said; “It’s open to anyone but particularly those who are struggling financially or mentally.”

“It’s a win-win really. The social reduces food waste and brings the people together, creating friendships and tackling isolation.”

Hewitt has been running social eating meals for the past eight years and is confident in their positive impact on the community.

The organisers understand some people may find it difficult leaving the house, which is why they’re aiming for an affordable and welcoming service to bring locals together.

He added: “Lockdowns have made many suffer due to isolation and I think that has created a lot of mental health issues, such as anxiety.

“Bringing people together over food is so powerful and we want to reassure everyone that they can come alone and feel welcomed.”

All meals served will be either vegetarian or vegan which further adds to the social’s sustainability and inclusiveness.

Furthermore, the organisation are aiming to supply a variety of cultural recipes to inspire the community to experiment with their cooking at home.

The Sunday Social are currently looking for volunteers who can contribute with food prep, kitchen work, cleaning and serving meals.

They stated in a Facebook post: “There is no maximum commitment. We’re just looking for people who are willing to do something great for the community.”

If you think you could offer some help to this impactful organisation don’t hesitate to contact ‘Greg Hewitt’ on Facebook.

Written by Leila Danjoux-Ferry

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