Sheffield SU holds student strike to transform education system

Students are striking as part of a ‘Walk out/Teach in’ across the UK today to fight for a ‘New Vision For Education’.

In support of the National Union of Students (NUS) strike, the University of Sheffield’s Student Union (SU) held its own ‘Walk out/Teach in’ for students unable to travel to London today.

John Hodson, student at Sheffield Hallam University, said: “Our education system is being driven into the ground.

“This walk out provides an opportunity for staff and students across schools, colleges and universities to unite against the marketisation of education.”

Students across the city unite to rally at the concourse of the SU building

The strike started at 11.30am with a rally at Sheffield City Hall before students marched up to Sheffield SU to continue the rally on the concourse at the union building.

From 1pm to 4pm a ‘teach out’ is being held in the SU building, with sessions led by students and talks from academics at the University.

The timetable includes talks covering climate politics, making education inclusive and accessible, and the efficacy of strikes along with many more. 

Student Strike arrives at the Uni of Sheffield’s SU building

The NUS claim that the current education system is broken and students have been “failed by successive governments”.

Students will “reimagine the broken system and build the New Vision For Education.”

Noah Eden, student at the University of Sheffield said: “We believe that everyone should be entitled to good quality higher education for no price whatsoever.

“It should be run for the people and not just to line the pockets of those at the top.”

Rosa Marsh and Noah Eden, students of The University of Sheffield, at the city hall rally

Students are campaigning for this vision in which further and higher education are fully funded by governments as well as accessible.

This includes abolishing tuition fees and granting student maintenance loans at a living wage, as well as increasing digital access for disabled, commuter and otherwise disadvantaged students. 

Mr Hodson said: “We need mass mobilisation of workers and students to achieve these results.

“This walkout is therefore just one stepping stone in that struggle, to raise the consciousness of students and staff as to their collective power.” 

Written by Jesselyn Whiteside

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