Sheffield City Council ‘open and ready’ to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Sheffield City Council revealed they are ‘open and ready to welcome’ Ukrainian refugees

In today’s budget meeting an urgent notice of motion was called in regards to the war in Ukraine.

Lord Mayor Gail Smith said: “We are shocked and dismayed.

“Ashamed that this is happening today and so so sad to see women and children fleeing for their lives.”

Sheffield was declared the first city of sanctuary within the United Kingdom for asylum – seekers and refugees in 2007.

Sheffield city councillors expressed how proud they are Sheffield is a city of sanctuary and are all ready to let Ukrainian refugees in.

Coun Terry Fox called for the Home Secretary, Priti Patel, to speed up the current immigration process in order to provide a safe place for the Ukrainian people in their time of need.

Councillors called for the people of Sheffield to continue to ‘stand shoulder to shoulder’ to show continuous support for Ukraine.

Coun Barbara Masters said: “We take freedom for granted. It is a fragile and precious commodity.”

The council continuously urged the British government to take more action in protecting those who can escape from Ukraine but supporting those who cannot.

Reference to the First and Second world war revealed how horrified the Sheffield City Council feel about the war. Coun Peter Price said: “`We all thought Europe had learnt its lesson in ’45.

“Let Putin know that the whole of the world is horrified to what he’s doing in our Europe.”

A Ukrainian member of people residing in Sheffield said: “We were overwhelmed by how warm people in Sheffield are and how supportive the politicians in Sheffield are.”

She urged that the support does not stop and that “urgent changes are needed.”

Lord Mayor calls for Ukrainians seeing help to come to Sheffield to make them feel safe.

Written by Amelia Elder

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