VIDEO: Sheffield goes flipping mad for Pancake Day

Let’s ‘Shrove’ off the winter blues and enjoy a large helping of Pancakes to celebrate the sweetest day of the year.

Falling 47 days before Easter Sunday, Pancake Day is TODAY.

Although it has a deep religious history of using the last of the rich foods like eggs and milk before lent, today people take this day to have a sweet treat.

Sheffield resident Jane Prince, 38, said: “We have a great time making them with our kids, they get excited making them and put lots of sugar on theirs.”

Welcome to Sheffield has tweeted a list of some of the most popular cafes and restaurants around Sheffield doing delicious specials and inventive twists on the classic dessert.

Marmadukes on Norfolk Row is offering up four takes on pancakes. Head Chef Tom Clarke said: “My favourite one is the okonomiyaki, it looks really nice on the plate.

“It’s an excellent selection! From a Japanese spin to a more rustic bacon and maple syrup delight.”

Our survey said that a whopping 75% of people in Sheffield are celebrating Pancake Day and the most popular topping in Sheffield was chocolate spread with 30%.

Only 9% of those asked would layer theirs with ice cream whilst 1/4 of people in Sheffield have the more old fashioned lemon and sugar.

We asked you how you like YOUR pancakes

The people of Sheffield have taken to twitter to spread their love. From the Sheffield Steelers wanting to know what’s on everyone’s plate to Sheffield Health and social care giving some top tips on how to add pancakes into a healthy, balanced diet.

Others groups such as Food Work Sheffield are taking this time to promote zero food waste, on their post the caption said “We flipping hate food waste”.

Watch me making a perfect pancake..

The history of pancakes goes back to the time of our earliest ancestors.

They would break down plants such as ferns into a flour and add water and cook it on a hot rock.

The ancient Greeks and the Romans would consume them with honey. They are very different to the ones we have today.

Written by Thomas Jackson

Hello, My name is Thomas Jackson. I am a first year journalist at the University of Sheffield. Always setting myself new goals and achievements to get ahead in the world of journalism.

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