Weather warning: Snow to hit Sheffield on Thursday

By Ellie Jones

After a week of freak conditions seen across the country, it seems the bad weather is not going anywhere – with snow forecast in Sheffield from 7am tomorrow.

The blue skies seen over Sheffield today won’t be here to stay as BBC weather has predicted heavy snow showers and a fresh breeze from 7am.

It is predicted these will turn into sleet showers later on in the day at around 6pm.

 The temperature is expected to drop to three degrees in the morning with a real feel of minus two.

The snow is just for the day though, with forecasts looking up for Friday when there will be sunshine and a maximum temperature of nine degrees.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for today and tomorrow for the north, with snow expected in Scotland and Northern Ireland and even lightning is forecast.

Last weekend Sheffield experienced the wrath of the storms Eunice, Dudley and Franklin. The city was battered by torrential rain and extreme gale force winds. 

This weather has had an obvious impact on travel, with Sheffield station seeing a huge surge in cancellations over the past week.

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