‘Poor Mental Health’: A Hidden Challenge Faced by Young Farmers

Survey from the Farm Safety Foundation has shown that 92% of farmers under the age of 40 rank poor mental health as the biggest hidden challenge they face. 

The mental health agency has suggested farmers talk about mental health problems.

According to the research conducted by the University of Reading, Exeter University and Sheffield University, it found Covid-19 has worsened mental health among farmers as well as incoming changes following Brexit. 

Farmers in rural communities often face stress caused by isolation, insecure incomes and unpredictable weather.

Matt Clark, 22, the farmer in Clark farms said: “Stuff’s not being dear enough, everything else has gone over upon the food. Our costs have gone up seriously as tractors and everything have gone up about 30 to 40%, food doesn’t in shops.

The pandemic has made farm shops really busy, it’s usual for him to work around 18 to 20 hours a day.

Mind, the mental health charity, said: “The uncertain working hours sometimes are harmful to people’s mental health when they are struggling with their work life balance.”

The charity offers counselling for free and events like ‘peer support groups’ to get people who struggle with stress and anxiety together to talk and share with one of their members of statuses and mediators.

It has local mind centres all over the UK, they provide all kinds of different mental health supports like an anxiety management class to teach people strategies to manage stress and anxiety.

Farmers are currently encouraged to seek mental health support in order to improve their mental situation. 

Written by Irene Chuang

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