Three major tournaments at Sheffield snooker club as competitors battle to compete on World stage

Players from around the globe have descended on the Ding Junhui Snooker Academy in Haymarket, Sheffield, as it hosts three major snooker competitions with cueists competing for a ticket to the pro tour.

Tournaments began last Thursday with the Women’s World Snooker Tournament, followed by the World Snooker Federations under 18’s amateur opens on Tuesday and the adult open beginning tomorrow.

Players arrived at the  Ding Junhui Snooker Academy in Sheffield to compete for tickets to compete on the pro tour field for the 22/23 and 23/24 seasons. 

Sheffield has always been a significant place in the world of snooker with the world championships being held here every year.

Lucky Vatnani, the manager of the Ding Junhui Snooker Academy said: “It is the home for Snooker.

“It attracts the best players from around the world every year”

The Women’s World Snooker Tournament was won by 22 year old Thai athlete Nutcharut Wongharuthai. 

The pressure is now on for the 69 juniors from across the world as they compete for the opportunity to compete professionally.

Velian Dimitrov, a 17 year old cueist from Bulgaria told us despite the stakes, going into the tournament he feels “more excited than nervous”.

Samuel Lee Steven, 17, said: “You’re more excited about what you can achieve.”

The winner will be decided this Friday evening.

This weekend kicks off the Adult Opens which has had the largest number of entries yet with around 280 entries from 42 countries.

This is a record amount of entries and much more than the 152 entries last year.

Due to the exceptional number of applicants, two tables at the Victoria’s Snooker Academy will also be in use.

If competitors are successful they will win a ticket to the pro tour field which is a field 128 players competing against each other on the biggest stages.

However success here means no guarantees as players may still be relegated if performances are not up to par.

Written by Talhah Azher

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