Stagecoach set to increase tram prices on March 1st

Stagecoach Supertram are to increase their ticket prices from March 1, to cope with industry wide setbacks relating to the pandemic.

The increase in ticket prices has also been affected by the number of people using public transport being “significantly below pre-Covid levels”.

While day tickets are facing price rises of up to 60p, the Rotherham after 1800 offer and the Family Group Gold Day Rider have been withdrawn completely.

In a statement on, Stagecoach have reassured that “there is no price increase for our most regular customers”, as the prices of the 28 Day and Xtra online tickets have been frozen.

The statement also said: “Like many sectors of the economy, we are seeing significant cost increases, primarily driven by increased energy and staffing costs”.

The Tram Only MegaRider ticket has also had its price frozen. Tickets bought with a student Zoom card are also set to be unaffected.

These changes will affect all Stagecoach Supertram services across Sheffield and Rotherham.

Many users of the Supertram recognise these changes in prices was necessary.

Dani, a student at the University of Sheffield who lives in Allen Court said: “It makes sense if they need more revenue because of the pandemic. I probably wouldn’t have a problem with paying 20p more if it means we can still have the trams running.”

They also insist that the increase in fares are below the annual rate of inflation.

Concerns have been raised about the affordability of getting to key locations, such as the railway station and Meadowhall shopping centre.

Paul, 29, a regular user of the West Street Tram service said: “I don’t think it’s fair that they’re moving all of the shops to Meadowhall, but now we have to pay more to even get there.”

These are the first price changes to the Supertram since January 2020, when Stagecoach introduced a “new, simpler” ticket range to both buses and trams.

Changes to TravelMaster prices on March 1 also come alongside the Stagecoach changes. They too cite increasing cost pressures which have affected the whole public transport industry, as being the main reason for an adjustment in prices.

Written by Olly Woolley

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