Save up to £250 on your energy bills when you sign-up to Utilita’s Planet Pledge

A new regular event could help people to cut their bills and help the environment.

Utilita’s Sheffield Energy Hub, St James’ Row, is hosting the ‘coffee and a catch-up’ until 19 February to promote the Planet Pledge scheme.

Customers and anyone interested can visit the hub between 9am and 5:30pm for a cup of tea or coffee, sign-up to the 66-day Planet Pledge and get advice on how to maintain their energy bills in this difficult time.

Electricity and gas supplier Utilita has joined Planet Pledge and has invited the nation to join in as they tackle climate change and become more ‘eco-friendly’ by offering small changes that can be made, ‘helping the planet and your pocket’.

For example, turning all the lights off when you leave a room and using natural light can save you £14 per year.

When you sign-up to the Planet Pledge, Utilita will provide weekly tips and tricks as well as large prizes such as a ‘Forest Holidays eco-friendly staycation’.

Oliver Griffiths, Team Leader at the Sheffield Energy Hub said: “It is another step towards a greener company and an opportunity for customers and non-customers alike to contribute towards a greener planet.”

So far, four people have signed-up to Planet Pledge at the hub, but they are ‘hoping for a lot more’ over the weekend. The ‘coffee and a catch-up’ campaign will end on Saturday 19th Feb, but you will still be able to join Planet Pledge scheme through the official website here:

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