Late arrival of Storm Eunice prompts Sheffield Twitter jibes, but warnings remain

Social media users have taken to Twitter to mock the late arrival of Storm Eunice in Sheffield after sunny skies early on Friday morning.

Storm Eunice has been given a ‘rare’ red alert from the met office after predictions of a 90 per cent chance of rain and high winds, yet were calm in Sheffield early on Friday.

The Met Office warns there is an “ongoing risk” of Storm Eunice and there is still time for it to escalate.

This has led to the cancellation of trains, meetings and UCU strikes with the Environment Agency urging people to “take extreme care”.

University of Sheffield student, Emily Bradley, 18 said: “I’m not sure why there is panic. I walked out this morning and it just felt like normal British weather.”

Twitter fans mocked the lack of weather action, one user said: “No storm yet in Sheffield. Last to get everything. A pret, 5G, good gigs and now this.”

Another user, a part of the Uni of Sheffield Rent strike, tweeted: “Storm Eunice is nothing in comparison to what’s going on in the VC’s office right now.”

However, for some people Storm Eunice has still disrupted their day as important events were cancelled.

University of Sheffield student, Hannah Auld, 21, expresses her frustration after cancelled trains means her lecturer could not attend her seminar this morning.

She said: “I panicked originally as I thought the situation was serious. Then I looked out my window and it confused me as there is barely anything to worry about.

“I think you can’t beat face-to-face teaching and after Covid disrupted that for so long it seems a shame it’s happened again when things seem fine.”

The BBC weather has predicted “strong winds and sleet showers” and people are urged to take precautions.

National Highways Head of Road Safety, Jeremy Phillips, said: “We’re encouraging drivers to check the latest weather and travel conditions before setting off on journeys and consider if their journey is necessary and can be delayed until conditions improve.

“If you do intend to travel, then plan your trip and take extra care, allowing more time for your journey.”

Written by Lucy Hainsworth

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