Sheffield Council to reduce use of weed killers

Sheffield City Council has announced a plan to reduce the use of weed killer glyphosate in an attempt to help eco systems in some parts of the city.

Glyphosate is currently used to kill weeds on the highway, and in parks and green spaces, but the council has announced the trials of glyphosate free areas this year to evaluate the impact of allowing weeds to grow.

Executive member for housing, road and waste management at Sheffield City Council, councillor Paul Wood said:

“By working with our partners and third-party contractors, we will ensure that we are following an ambitious programme of change whilst simultaneously reducing our use of glyphosate.

“Currently there are no comparable alternatives that achieve the same results as glyphosate, but we will continue to monitor and review the impact of new approaches, especially when it comes to public safety and visibility. As a result, residents may start to notice things looking somewhat different and areas won’t have the same pristine look they perhaps had before.”

The council aims to stop the use of glyphosate for obstacle and “mowing strip” spraying in highway verges as well as in parks and countryside sites, plus cemeteries with the exception of footpaths and hard surfaces.

The initial trial area will be in Brincliffe, with further trial areas set to be identified, and the council will report on its findings once the trial period is up.


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