Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics continue to open in Sheffield

Ten new Covid-19 vaccination clinics have opened today in Sheffield despite the recent change of rules in England.

The walk-in vaccination clinics are open to anyone from the ages of 12 upwards, to get their first, second or booster jabs.

Vicky Westall, 34, who works for the Sheffield City Council Testing Operatives, spoke about the importance of being vaccinated despite the decline of hospitalisations and deaths in the UK.

She said: “The question is are they lowering because of the amount of vaccines.

“The vaccines prevent serious illness, and without the vaccine the deaths and hospitalisations could probably be a lot higher.

“It hopefully offers a bit more long term protection with the vaccines and the booster.”

The list of new clinics contains four in the North East of the city, and includes: Seven Hills Pharmacy, Upwell Pharmacy, Page Hall Pharmacy and Sheffield NHS Vaccination Centre.

City councils including Sheffield are aiming to achieve higher vaccination rates to hinder the chances of the rules being put back in place.

The Moor Markets clinic has proved effective as the footfall has seen people get vaccinated when they have been out conducting their daily business.

Ms Westall added: “What we’ve learnt here in the market, if people haven’t thought of getting it, people find it convenient to get them in places like the market where it’s quick and easy.

“It’s a mixture of first vaccines and those who have gone four or five months since their first but haven’t got round to it yet.”

The pop up vaccination clinics are available with the majority opening from 9am until 6pm through the week.

Written by Daniel Platts

Dan Platts

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