Valentine business blooming again in Sheffield

Love it or scorn it – Valentine’s Day provided a much needed financial boost to businesses across Sheffield yesterday,

Coffika, a local cafe in Sheffield saw a £500 increase in takings in comparison to an normal day, which is usually £1200.  They said these types of events would have been impossible to do last year and profit margins have seen many restaurants in the area struggling due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Rory Jackson-Horn, 29, supervisor at Coffika said: “It feels like there has been a lot of pent up enthusiasm that people have for going out which they haven’t had for the last couple of years.”

And Nandos on Ecclesall Road said that they had a really good night, with a full restaurant with lots of couples and families.

Young couple Elliot Hammonds and Lucy Nayler, 21 and 22, said that they splashed out this time on there first Valentines, but “the next couple of years can be cheaper”.

Some people not looking for love are celebrating in alternative way. Groups of women are going out as a celebration of “galentines”; essentially a girls night out.

Elyssa Newell,19, who went out with her girlfriends said: “We played cards and went out to Corp. It was a good night with all the girls.”

And despite being a central part of the Valentines Day tradition, and the busiest day of the year for florists, flowers are at a premium cost.

Kathrine Vickers, owner of Flora on Ecclesall Road, said: “They cost an awful lot to buy so therefore

we have to pass as much as we can onto the customer.” she added: “These people are a one off, you probably don’t see a lot of them during the year.”

Over 250 million roses are grown just for valentines day every year.

The history of Valentines Day goes back to Ancient Rome when Emperor Claudius II made it illegal for young couples to get married, as he believed that married men did not make good soldiers.

St Valentine, who was a priest, married young couples in secret and was executed for this, he later became a martyr by the Catholic Church.


Written by Thomas Jackson

Hello, My name is Thomas Jackson. I am a first year journalist at the University of Sheffield. Always setting myself new goals and achievements to get ahead in the world of journalism.

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