‘Inseparable’ twins disconnected for months amidst COVID lockdown

A set of identical twins who have never spent a single day apart claim that the COVID-19 pandemic has left them emotionally bereft.

Harry and Tom Ewing,19, vowed to make sure they saw each other at least once a fortnight when they decided to go to separate universities – spending every moment of lockdown together to try and maintain their unique twin bond.

The brothers quickly realised how difficult it would be to see each other as planned following the increasing severity of the COVID-19 situation over the autumn. What was meant to be a fortnight turned into a month, then into a semester.

Harry said : “The bond between twins is completely unique; its like having every type of friend rolled into one, and then sharing an eternal, unconditional appreciation and love for one another. When we were babies we developed a language only we could understand, and when we were sixteen he broke up with his girlfriend and I knew how upset he was before I told me. I could just feel it. We did want to go to university together so we could stay with each other but we needed to do different courses.”

Tom said: “Harry was there for every single one of my defining moments, we are as close as people can get. I no longer have that person to see when times get tough. I usually have Harry on my shoulder and its so strange not having him there. Even now I expect to see him but he’s never there.

”I’ve never felt so alone.”

Dr Barbara Klein, a psychologist specialising in twins, said: “Twins are naturally locked into one another in deeply intense ways. Interdependence from birth creates confusion for twins as they find their separate paths.”

Harry added : “The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly had a colossal impact on our connection with each other, and we’ve had to find creative ways to stay in touch outside of the typical phone call, such as playing xbox tournaments or FaceTime quizzes.”

He added: “Home is where people notice you’re not there. In that sense, we are each other’s home, and I cant help but feel homeless in the midst of the pandemic.”





Written by Harry Ewing

Journalism student at UoS

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