Hit-and-run delivery driver flees scene while victims being loaded into ambulance

Police crime scene

A hit-and-run delivery man who drove off after a car accident has left the car owner furious and her young daughter traumatised.

The delivery driver hit Naomi Kaye’s car at around 1pm on 16 April on the Hagley road, Sheffield, before fleeing the scene.

“Now I have a traumatised four-year-old who we have to force to go anywhere in a car and possibly 1000’s pounds worth of costs to pay out.

“I’m if anything, it’s upset about it and it’s left me in such a rubbish situation, I’m already having a tough time and he doesn’t have to deal with anything.”

The driver turned into Mrs Kaye’s path without warning while looking down on his phone, and collided with the vehicle, pushing Mrs Kaye’s car onto the central reservation.

Mrs Kaye’s daughter was left with a bruise on her head, a passing ambulance happened to see and stopped, put them straight in to check her over.

The delivery driver drove away without leaving any details while Mrs Kaye and her daughter were inside the ambulance.

Call police on 101 with information.



Written by Na Ao

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