Sheffield Tiktoker’s create a buzz at opening of Meadowhall bubble tea store

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Sheffield Tiktoker’s with millions of followers attended the grand opening of Bubble Ci-Tea where they tried signature drinks and took pictures for their huge following.

The new store invited along TikToker’s such as Libby Mae (@libbymae24), 18, who has 1.3m followers, Khai Malikk (@khai_malikk), 20, who has 252,000 followers and Katylee Bailey (@katyleebailey), 19, who has 545,000 followers, where they commenced their opening in a trending manner.

Katylee Bailey (@katyleebailey) and Libby Mae (@libbymae24)

Frequent customer, Hrithik Mehan, 19, said: “I’m so excited to have such pure bubble tea available in the heart of Sheffield and to make things better, I got to meet my favourite TikToker there too.”

Bubble tea is a tea-based drink that originates in Taiwan and can be enjoyed hot or cold along with many toppings including the most common, which is chewy tapioca balls.

Suneet Sachdeva, 26, CEO and founder of Bubble Ci-Tea said: “I feel lucky and blessed that Bubble Ci-Tea is where it is today and I started it due to my love and passion for bubble tea.”

Bubble Ci-tea is a bubble tea shop that operates from Guilford and 13 more cities nationwide including their newest location in Meadowhall, Sheffield.

There has been a huge following brought to their company from TikTok too with their Leicester store account (@bubblecitealeicester) which has 500 thousand followers and over 12 million likes.

Mr Sachdeva said: “Sheffield is a cool city and it is one of the biggest cities in the country and my aim is to have a Bubble Ci-Tea in every city.”

Bubble Ci-Tea in Meadowhall, Sheffield.

He started the business at 18 after he travelled Asia and Australia with his family and found his love for authentic bubble tea there.

He wanted to bring the fresh and authentic taste of Taiwanese bubble tea back to the UK so he decided to start his business by borrowing money from his parents and learning how to operate a business on the job.

Mr Sachdeva said: “Upon starting, It was a scary time for me as I didn’t have any experience.”

During the first six months of his first store being open, Mr Sachdeva said that he didn’t take any salary for himself, didn’t feed himself enough and worked long hours to cover the opening.

Bubble Ci-Tea will now be launching their 14th store in Birmingham this upcoming weekend.



Written by Lisa Mercatelli

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