Learn more about South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner candidates

The postponed South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner election will take place on May 6.

The result of the poll will decide South Yorkshire’s policing force strategy and direction for the next four years.

The PCC manages local fund spending on police force, and can appoint or dismiss the Chief Constable. They are expected to ensure the maintenance of an efficient and effective police force within the area.

Conservative candidate David Chinchen is an Immigration Officer and small business owner with three decades of experience in the Metropolitan Police.

Mr Chinchen said: “I have always been motivated to do my best to reduce crime. I’m standing because I want to give something back.

He said: “I have spent many years fighting crime and seen many lives ruined. If elected people can be assured that I will deliver my manifesto and much more to cut crime in South Yorkshire.”

Mr Chinchen intends to focus on building confidence in policing by cutting crime, bringing offenders to justice, increasing support for victims especially women and children.

South Yorkshire residents have been voicing their opinions on the election on Facebook.

One Barnsley resident  wrote: “There is no need for a PCC, waste of time and money, money which could be better used elsewhere. 10 more police officers on the beat is worth far more than one PCC. I will not be voting.”

Others wrote that they refuse to vote for Mr Chinchen for being a Tory, believe that his manifesto is spouting, and he has no plans; while some others believe that the Labour PCC has done nothing for the area in the past few years, and the area deserves a change.

One Sheffield resident commented: “We need to vote for a change rather than moaning about how bad the police are currently. Mr Chinchen knows policing, the streets, and what’s needed, we should give him the opportunity.”

The current Labour PCC Dr Alan Billings, who has been in office for six years, previously worked as a parish priest and academic.

Dr Billings was requested by Alexander Stafford MP for Rother Valley to establish a police base by the Maltby Coronavirus Testing Centre that was forced to close on April 6, due to anti-social behaviour towards the site.

MP Stafford’s concern aroused people’s dissatisfaction with Dr Billings and his policing management.

Dr Billings hence promised to prioritise community crimes, and increase police numbers in the neighbourhood. He will also be suppressing organised crime gangs and violent crime through an Armed Crime Team, and reducing the force’s carbon footprint by promoting the use of electric vehicles, telematic and solar panels

One resident commented on Facebook: “You could not find a more inadequate, work shy, uninterested bunch than SYP. They and the crime commissioner should be prosecuted for dereliction of duty in a public office.”

One resident commented on Facebook: “I have been a labour party member and voter for most of my life, however now is the time for change we need a broader range of councillors in Rotherham to change things.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Joe Otten has lived in South Yorkshire for 32 years. He is the councillor for Dore and Totley in Sheffield, and previously ran a software business.

Councillor Otten aims to connect the police force with residents, providing better and more efficient services that people need. He also wants to improve collaboration with agencies working with vulnerable young people, preventing crime and setting people on the right path.

Details of the poll, when, where and how to vote can be found on Sheffield City Council website. Police and Crime Commissioner election (sheffield.gov.uk)


Written by Yiying Fan

Journalism student at the University of Sheffield.

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