Gardening competition given go ahead for 11th straight year

last years winning garden

Sheffield council have announced that the Green Fingers garden competition will be going ahead again this year. 

This will be the 11th year of the event and is open to all Sheffield council tenants. This gives them the chance to show off their skills in the garden with an opportunity to win prizes. 

 There are prizes for the top three, with 1st place winning £50, the 2nd place getting £30, and finally 3rd place taking £20 home.  

Janet Sharpe, Director of Housing and Neighbourhood services said: “Year-on-year it’s fantastic to see the results of the huge amount of time and effort that tenants put into their gardens and the standard gets higher each time. 

“We can’t send out our judges to your garden so we’re asking you to send us your photos instead.” 

You can send your pictures to the link below of anything from floral display, a wide range of flowers or a selection of fruit and veg.  

It also doesn’t have to something in your garden it could be of your balcony, patio or window box display. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can apply with anything you have grown. 

Mrs Sharpe also said: “Gardening is known to be beneficial to our health and it can also be great fun.” 

This has become an interesting topic for scientist to discuss as gardening has become more popular over the past few years, especially over lockdown. 

Professor Alistair Griffins said: “Simply contemplating nature helps to rest and recharge our brains. 

“Gardens and plants also improve our environment, protecting us from noise and particulate pollution, as well as cool us in extremes of temperature and help mitigate against flooding linked to a changing climate.” 

This sort of challenge is great as it encourages people to go out and get gardening which will make all are lives better. 

The closing date for competition entries is the 18th July and all details for entry is here 

Written by Toby Fitton

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