Back to face-to-face teaching rules ‘unfair’ for some students

Some students think it is unfair that while many are back in the classrooms, others have to stay learning online.

After Easter break, government regulations allowed universities go back to face-to-face teaching, but only for those courses that are ‘essential’ to be taught in person.

Students in the University of Sheffield have mixed feelings about it.


Ben Shahrabi

Journalism student Ben Shahrabi, 19, said:  “I can see why some people are annoyed that they haven’t gone back, but you could argue that most of journalism depends on being with people and speaking to them directly, so it’s almost essential that we do go back. We’ll all go back eventually, so some may have to wait longer than others.

“In the current situation, I don’t think it’s unfair. Because it’s difficult to maintain all the social distancing rules and they are adapting to the guidelines that the government brings them in.” 

Ionut Ciuta Ionut Ciuta, 18, a civil engineering student: “I think it’s totally dependant on each course, I feel like maybe with civil engineering or any engineering we need to see more practical stuff a lot more”

Meanwhile,  students who aren’t back to face-to-face teaching think differently:


Javier Noriega Molina

Javier Noriega Molina, 22, a law student: “I find the fact that some courses already have face-to-face sessions and my course hasn’t, very unfair. I do not understand why there is such a big difference between the courses, at the end of the day face-to-face teaching is essential for any university student no matter what degree they are studying. The benefits from face-to-face teaching are manifold and they are being distributed gratuitously by the University, which should make something about it to make it fairer.”

Sara Hedenskog

 Sara Hedenskog, 20, Sociology student: “I understand that some courses require face-to-face teaching to a greater extent than others. From my experience discussions and seminars do go better and give more when they are in person. So I do think it gives an unfair advantage to those going back as I feel learning is better in person.”

Overall, it is clear that students are conflicted over returning to face-to-face teaching. However, all university students should be back in the classrooms around May 17.


Written by Elena Baeza Ruso

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