High-speed trains to be introduced in Dore and Totley

A second platform at Dore and Totley station is part of the £137k rail improvement works for the Hope Valley, that got the go-ahead this week.

The ‘Hope Valley Capacity Scheme’ will see a second line added in sections to allow faster passenger services travelling between Sheffield and Manchester, to overtake freight trains.

Scheduled for completion in 2023, there have been mixed reactions to the proposed infrastructure between the two Northern cities, particularly regarding the impact of the construction work and high voltage electrified lines it requires, on the diverse natural habitat of the Hope Valley.

Alison Postle, AGE, said: “How are they permitted to do this at prime nesting time, in the Spring?”

The passenger service time will be cut by ten minutes, down to a 40-minute journey, which could contribute to a lower car usage in the area, despite growing numbers of people travelling into the Peak District -one of the most visited National Parks in the UK.

Andrew Cullen, AGE, of Dore says that: Although a more reliable evening service out of Sheffield to Dore and Totley is a welcome improvement where there is currently a huge gap, there remains a need for a more integrated transport services such as buses connecting the villages to the train services across the city.

An online debate on effective transport for Sheffield will be held at 7pm on the 29 April 2021, between the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Green party-political candidates.

Questions can be submitted ahead of the debate to: info@cyclesheffield.org.uk

Written by Scarlett Pimlott-Brown

Journalist & Documentary Photographer. Focus on development / humanitarian / migration.

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