Sheffield student loses seven stone in incredible weight-loss transformation

Sheffield Hallam student George Millward lost seven stone by crash dieting and exercise after catching corona-virus.

The 21 year-old weighed just under 23 stone at the start of lockdown last year, and has since dropped down to 15 stone and 2lbs.

George spoke out about the detrimental effects his weight had on both his physical and mental health and decided it was time to change his lifestyle by exercising religiously and maintaining a healthy diet.

He said: “It was from the first day of lockdown, 23rd of March until May 15th I was alone in Sheffield, and I remember my mental and physical health was at an all time low at that point.”

“I remember coming back to my Uni house feeling l like my lungs were seizing up and I couldn’t breathe. I was very worried with this as I was alone in my house at the time and thought if I had collapsed or something, no one was there to help me.”

George described a time where he was struggling with his mental health during the first national lockdown.

“There was a time in the first lockdown I was on a zoom call with friends in the evening doing a quiz and drinking, think they all finally went off around 5am. Even after my friends went off I didn’t feel tired. So I decided to go out for a walk. I barely remember going to cross a big main road and just standing and stumbling in the middle of the road for a minute. I remember genuinely thinking how much would I care if a truck came right now.”

“I remember a sort of click in my head at that point thinking what the hell are you doing man. I just ended up walking home and sobbing in my bed.”

By the middle of May George was allowed to return to his family home in Oxfordshire under lockdown rules where his fitness journey really began.

He said: “The majority of my weight loss journey was while I was back at home from May to September 2020. And I can honestly say everyday in that period I did not have a single day of bad mental health. Which was fantastic considering what others have been feeling at the time with Covid.”

“It was consistent training everyday and consistently eating healthy, so yeah get positive people around you and just do exercise and activities you enjoy, because if you enjoy it, it wont feel like a chore and you’ll enjoy your lifestyle.”

“I would like to say 100% talk to people. Friends, family, lecturers, heath and well-being services at Uni or places like Samaritans. Talking through things and pinpointing the problem is key.”

With the help of his step brother and family. George lost seven stone and now run’s social media accounts on Instagram and You-tube to promote both good physical and mental health. He has since raised money by walking and running 247 miles during the second lockdown for MIND charity who help people struggling with mental health issues.

Written by Imogen Nicholas

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