Crucial Free Transport Service for Chesterfield Cancer Patients

A crucial free transport service has been announced for people living with cancer in Chesterfield to help them get to and from Sheffield for treatment.

A bus service, launched by Weston Park Cancer Charity, will operate twice daily between the University of Derby’s St Helena Campus in Chesterfield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals.

The service will follow strict safety measures to keep volunteer drivers and passengers safe at all times.

Drivers will be tested for Covid-19 twice weekly, with buses cleaned thoroughly before every journey.

Emma Clarke, the Director of Service and Grant Giving at Weston Park Charity, said: “When someone receives that cancer diagnoses their immediate thoughts are what next.

“Their treatment could often be miles away from their own home, and once they get into the practicalities of that, the burden can be quite overwhelming.

“The financial impact of the journey, the petrol, the parking, wrapped up with the emotional side can be really challenging for people.

The Weston Park Cancer Charity Transport Services could save patients hundreds of pounds each week.

In some cases, it could be the difference between people accepting and declining treatment.

Emma said: “We are hoping it will alleviate additional worry.

“We know that it’s a worrying time, a tiring a time.

“We know that there’s a lot of emotional as well as physical energy in attending treatment.

“If we can make it easier to get there, to take away the financial worry, then I hope that the person can concentrate their energy on their treatment and getting well.

“And as a result of all of that, the other practicalities will melt into the background as they feel well supported.”

Though it is the charity’s supporters who have made this possible, funding the service in its entirety.

It is because of them that the service is completely free of charges to its passengers.

Emma said: “I would just like to say a massive thank you.

“From the smallest to the biggest donation, what comes through to us is pure generosity.

“It’s people who have been touched by cancer in some way and they are giving a little bit back.”

For more information or bookings, call Western Park Cancer Charity’s helpline 0114 553 3330 or email

Written by Josh Bailey

A former writer/social media producer for Maidstone United & The Spurs Express. Trainer Presenter at Hospital Broadcasting Sheffield. Host on "The US3 Podcast."

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