South Yorkshire schools encouraged to get involved with online climate conference

A three-day South Yorkshire School’s virtual Climate Conference aiming at exploring problems of climate change will be available to all primary and secondary schools.

Richard Souter, the coordinator of Schools’ Climate Education South Yorkshire, said: “We are currently waiting for responses from all invited schools. 

“Last year, the conference was held physically, and we had lots of schools joining the conference.”

The main purpose of this conference is to raise awareness of climate change and to encourage schools to have more of this taught in the curriculum.

During the conference, a series of live workshops are designed for students of different age groups, teachers, and professional developers.

Mr Souter said: “These workshops would include how schools can plan the curriculum, and join the eco-school program.

“There will also be a talk designed for children about how to talk to their MP.”

Dame Sarah Storey, who is a multiple gold medal wining Paralympian, will give a welcome address at the beginning of the conference. 

Richard Souter added: “We will have a panel discussion at the conference.

“Dame Sarah Storey will be on the panel. A Ph.D. student from the University of Sheffield, a professor from Sheffield Hallam University, the author of the book Carbon Choices, young school students, and Amanda Smith from the centre of alternative technology will also attend the panel discussion.”

This three-day virtual conference will run from July 5 to 7.

Schools signing up for the conference will have free access to all the workshops, video resources, and panel discussions.      

Schools’ Climate Education South Yorkshire has set up a Go Fund Me page for people to donate money to give the schools from South Yorkshire at no cost to them especially for schools that are under financial pressure. The link for the Go Fund Me page is 


Written by Yue Jiang

First year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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