Sheffield city council to hire three new ‘Community Forestry Project Officers’

Sheffield city council is hiring three community forestry project officers to oversee the preservation of Sheffield’s 2.2 million trees. 

The positions pay £26,511 and are expected to work with local schools and communities to develop tree planting and ‘woodland creation’ across the city.

The city council has committed to planting 10,000 trees per year, promising to “replace trees on a two-for-one basis” in its ‘Trees and Woodlands Strategy’.

The roles are two fixed term positions, until 31/03/23, which are being funded by the Woodland Trust Treevitalise project, and one permanent position paid for by the council. 

The Woodland Trust Treevitalise project successfully acquired £183,319 from government funding last month, the reasons for the funding were outlined in a Sheffield City Council press release:

  • The funding helps the council meet actions in the Trees and Woodland Strategy around community engagement, volunteering, supporting “friends” groups and tree planting.
  • The people in Sheffield will have greater connection to their trees, through direct engagement via planting and other tree projects, and attendance at events and activities.
  • People will have had fun and have better mental and physical health as a result of being engaged with trees.
  • Sheffield will have a greater canopy cover as at least 3 hectares of new woodland or 15,000 trees will have been planted.
  • There will be increased biodiversity in woodland creation areas and wildlife corridors.
  • Flooding will be mitigated through planting in catchment areas or to intercept rainfall on hard surfaces.
  • Parks and Green Spaces will have a higher amenity value.

Written by Stanley Willey

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