Green Deal for Sheffield is talking point at first environment election hustings

    The new green deal for Sheffield was a popular topic in the first Sheffield City Council Elections Environment husting.

   Candidates from the Labour Party, Liberal Democratic party, the Green Party and the Conservative Party were eligible to participate in these environment hustings.

  The host of the husting said: “The initial aim was for parties to provide candidates to be standing in South East Sheffield.

  “Unfortunately, not all the parties were able to do this, so we allowed candidates from other councils who are not standing for elections to come out tonight.”

  Three people represented parties in the husting: Tim Huggan from the Liberal Democrats, Liam Hardy from the Greens, and Matt Dwyer, who is a Labour candidate for City Wood.

  Candidates were given the questions from the audience 48 hours prior to the event.

  One of the questions in this husting was how the candidate would progress a green new deal for Sheffield if they are elected.

  Liam Hardy said: “I would support it and I am very grateful that other parties also support it. The important opportunity is for us to build a better world. If we want to see global justices, we need to scale down a              little bit in the UK.”

 Matt Dwyer said: “We need to use sustainable building techniques. We need to develop sustainable strategies. Food waste is the biggest polluter in the world.”

 Tim Huggan added: “To make the green new deal work, we need to make sure we invest in infrastructure. We can use Sheffield as best practice in the rest of the country.”

 There was a session at the end of the husting for audiences to make comments. Christine Rippon made comments about removing cite CND from current and future planning policies.

She said: “CND is not for sale. 

 This needs to come out from the current and future plans for housing. We are challenging the council to do that. ”

 The husting event was really important and supported by several organisations that come under the Sheffield Climate Alliance banner.

The spokesperson for Sheffield Climate Alliance said: “We hope that citizens feel empowered to ask candidates important questions about key environmental topics.”

Written by Yue Jiang

First year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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