Getting involved activities in the Beat the Street Sheffield

People are motivated to go out and incorporate physical activities to their daily life by a six-week game called ‘Beat the Street’ in Sheffield.

Beat the Street is a campaign carried out by Intelligent Health, with prizes provided by the National Lottery and Sport England and local partners.

Since the game was founded, it has been played by more than 1.3m people and safety are guaranteed during the Covid-19 pandemic with the approval of Public Health England.

The event has a successful background of delivering meaningful changes in population physical activity level ,and it is also reported that it had a positive impact on mental health during the difficult time.

Beat the Street Sheffield is conducted on behalf of Move More and Sheffield City Council. The period for the game is set from June 16th to July 28th.

The campaign is completely contactless, and players are encouraged to explore their local areas involving activities like walking, cycling, running, wheeling and scooting.

Players are provided with a free card or fob in order to record their scores when hovering the card to the special sensors called Beat Boxes.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital will offer up to £500 for the school or community team that allocates players’ miles.

Dr William Bird, the CEO and founder of Intelligent Health who developed Beat the Street, claimed that it is important for people to improve health and wellbeing by intervention such as physical activities.

Sheffield City Council of Public health also regard walking and outdoor activities as a significant health beneficial habits.

“We are incredibly excited to be bringing Beat the Street to Sheffield. Beat the Street helps people get out into green spaces in a safe and enjoyable way.” Greg Fell, the director of public heal in Sheffield said.

“The game is free, and it’s open to everyone regardless of age, ability or background. It encourages you to start moving.”

Written by Yue Zhou

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