Concert slated to celebrate International Jazz Day

Jazz at the Lescar is hosting an online Jazz concert in celebration of International Jazz Day on April 30 with the well known Robert Mitchell as the sole act.

The concert is one of many that is regularly hosted at the Lescar and prior to COVID 19 ,drew in a standard crowd of music lovers and jazz enthusiasts. The pandemic has only expanded the audience of listeners and makes the concerts more accessible to age groups who were previously unable to attend in person.

The promoter of Jazz at the Lescar, Jez Matthews, commented with anticipation on the upcoming concert,

“This concert is just Rob performing. He’s very skilled at the piano and performs poetry at the end. It really speaks to the audience and his music is very calming”.

Rob himself expressed excitement concerning the concert and says he’ll pay tribute to many late greats

“I’ll play a couple of my recent (pieces), one is a tribute to John Lewis, an American civil rights activist. I’m paying respect to a l lot of late African artists and composers like Geri Allen Bheki Msleku Eugene Skeef as well as other composers like Federico Mompou.” Its also an experiment for me to use more technology for the live stream”

“Theres a Q and A afterwards which I think will create a more relaxed atmosphere for the audience to ask questions and discuss”

That seems like a good way to end a busy week.

The concert will be held on April 30 at 7:30pm on Crowdcast and will have an open platform for donations.

You can visit here to book your spot and here to listen to Mr Mitchell’s new album. For more information please visit here for more information


Written by Mmesoma Muogilim

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