Concern over fly-tipping as Sheffield tips become busier during lockdown

There is  growing concern on how to deal with the fly-tipping problem in Sheffield.

Since the start of lockdown the five tips in Sheffield have had reduced opening hours, leading to an increase in fly-tipping.

People have have been spending more time in their homes, often clearing out garages and attics.

Consequently, there is more waste to dispose of.

Litter picking groups are voicing their concerns on Facebook and the sheer amount of discussion is alarming.

Yesterday a member of the group shared photos of mounds of waste dumped the whole way around Sky Edge Fields, Wybourn.

Szilard Tamas, a regular litter picker went out to the park this morning to collect some of the rubbish but said that there was “about 10 times more rubbish” than what he managed picked.

Another litter picker commented on Facebook and said the park is now “unsafe with glass” and her son can no longer play football there.

As of today there have already been 5 posts on Facebook showing piles of waste dumped across Sheffield.

In some parts of Sheffield the waste is cleared but within days rubbish is back, covering roadsides and parks again.

Cars are often seen backed up on Blackstock Road, Gleadless queueing for the tip, with their car engines left running.

Phil Hamson visits the tip regularly and said: “We queued for hours, it puts you off going, perhaps that’s why fly-tipping is commonplace in Sheffield

“Cars are left with engines running, emitting fumes and polluting the area

“Some cars were handed parking fines simply because they could not move for the traffic, it is a disgrace.”

Sheffield is blessed with lots of beautiful greenspace, however these are the perfect spots for environmental criminals to dump waste.

Fly-tipping left at Sky Edge Fields, Wybourn over the weekend.


For more information about fly-tipping and what you can do to help visit The National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group’s website.

Sheffield City Council have been approached for comment.



Written by leon wilson brown

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