Sheffield man jailed for possesion of a firearm

A 26 year old man from Sheffield has been sentenced to over six years in jail following an incident in August 2020.

Junaid Maroof, 26, of Edgedale Road appeared before Sheffield Crown Court and has been sentenced to six years and three months in prison for possession of an illegal firearm.

In August 2020, Maroof was getting out of a car on Lumley Street when Armed Response Officers witnessed him as he proceeded to run in a ‘panicked’ manner towards bushes.

Following his arrest he was taken to Shepcote Custody and officers at the scene approached the bushes and found he had hidden a black handled hand gun and six rounds of ammunition.

This sentencing follows South Yorkshire Police’s pledge to continue to take the right action against those involved in gun crimes across the county

Superintendent of the Armed Crime Unit Ian Profitt said: “We are committed and continuing to work hard to disrupt the organised criminality across Sheffield.”

He continues by saying “Maroof’s sentence is a direct result of the co-ordinated work on-going to link the shootings across the city.”

Supt Profitt has explained how important it is to keep disrupting those who use guns and weapons to cause fear and harm in all communities across the county

He said: “Maroof’s arrest was a direct result of our Armed Response officers carrying out pro-active patrols across the county. We are there to protect you and disrupt those using our streets for criminality.”

Maroof’s sentence included incorporation of charges of affray from 2018, alongside Qamar Nain and Sarfraz Razaq who each received a 14 month sentence.


Written by Ellie Billingham

Trainee journalist studying at Sheffield University.

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