Sheffield Kill the Bill Demo to be hosted on Devonshire Green this weekend

Protestors against the controversial bill that will give the police force more powers at demonstrations are to gather at Devonshire Green tomorrow.

The socially distanced “Kill the Bill Demo” is set to take place at 2 pm and has been advertised as Sheffield Against The Policing Bill on Facebook and Instagram. 

The team advises all participants to be covid safe and maintain social distance at all times. 

Other safety tips include: “If confronted by police, remember the five key messages”: no comment, no caution, under what power, no duty solicitor, no personal details – but also know the exceptions!” 

They conclude by saying: “Please be safe comrades!”

Sheffield has had a rich history with activism and protests over the past decades such as Peace Movement, LGBT rights and Women’s suffrage. 

Jaz Housemaid Rouse, Self Employed replied on the Facebook post by saying: “We will stand together. Sheffield police force has never been a police force who do not know their role ..they are the keepers of the peace .to protect the people and buildings…let’s believe together we will defend our rights . Do not antagonize or create disruption.”

Written by Ayesha Parwani

Trainee Journalist at the University of Sheffield Ted X speaker and writer for Gems Magazine,CIS newsletters (Dubai)

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