Hay days for police horse Burngreave as he retires after 12 years of serving Sheffield

Police Horse Burngreave retired yesterday after serving South Yorkshire Police for 12 years.

Burngreave, also known as ‘Bernie’ worked for the mounted unit for 12 years along side Sergeant Dave Driver who also retired recently.

Bernie showed signs of being a good horse from his and Sgt Driver’s first deployment together. At a protest in Warwickshire a firework exploded underneath Bernie and sparks flew everywhere.

Sgt Driver said: “Bernie did not move a hoof, he stood his ground like a pro and from that day forward I had the upmost trust in him, that we build a strong relationship on.”

Sgt Driver went on explaining how grateful he has been to work with Bernie: “He has been faithful and hardworking, he deserves a happy retirement where he will be loved and spoilt.”

Last December Bernie started to show signs of lameness and had a serious tear to a ligament in his leg. Because of this it was decided he should taken out of police world. Bernie will also be 20 this summer.

Over the years Bernie and Driver have had an amazing career together. Bernie has a great reputation as a “legend” at the local football games.

And a highlight for them both was the London Olympics where they patrolled the Olympic park and met David Beckham.

Sgt Driver said: “We owe it to our horses to provide them with the best homes and care. We are also lucky enough to be able to visit him.”

Over the past couple of months SYP have worked with the Horses Trust and found Bernie a great home in West Yorkshire. Bernie will remain under the Horses Trust care for the rest of his life.

Animals such as dogs and horses are a massive part of the policing family. Officers build strong relationships with the animals and feel very protective over them.

South Yorkshire Police thank Bernie for his service and his dedication and wish him the happiest of retirements.





Written by Ellie Billingham

Trainee journalist studying at Sheffield University.

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