Opening of Dunkin Donuts pumps life back into Ecclesall Road

The opening of a new Dunkin Donuts store, along with other non-essential businesses to re-open soon, is set to pump life back into Ecclesall Road after COVID took a hit on small businesses.

A new franchise of the American fast food chain opened on March 2 at the Berkeley Precinct on Ecclesall Road for takeaway and delivery.

From Italian coffee shops, to hip bars and aromatic indian takeaways, Ecclesall Road is home to some of the most lively and charming businesses in the city, making the road itself a busy destination for Sheffield residents and students.

Dev Patel, 25, Business Manager of Dunkin Donuts, said: “I want customers to have both a safe and enjoyable experience here at Dunkin.”

Mr Patel said that the business is slowly picking up traction especially with students as Ecclesall road is located close to the heart of Sheffield’s student communities, close to both university campuses.

Since Dunkin Donuts is an American brand, Mr Patel said he hopes the store will stand out and feel fresh and help to make Ecclesall Road more diverse.

Upwards of 20 jobs have been created by the opening of the new store, which provides optimism for the people of Sheffield who have been affected by employment during the pandemic.

Just yesterday the UK marked one year since the first Covid lockdown and this pandemic has inevitably affected us all in different ways.

Businesses, particularly small independent ones have suffered due to the many closures under national lockdown restrictions.

So the re-opening of more non-essential stores in the next coming weeks brings hope that things will be back to normal soon.

Councillor Shaffaq Mohammed,48, Leader of Sheffield Liberal Democrats and of Ecclesall ward councilor said: “Smaller businesses have not had a voice throughout this whole pandemic and have struggled more as they have been overlooked.”

Coun Shaffaq said some small businesses have overperformed throughout the pandemic.

When big stores had no delivery slots left for grocery shopping, small businesses went out of their way to deliver and keep the people of Sheffield stocked up.

Coun Shaffaq also said: “Small businesses in Sheffield have been the lifeline throughout this pandemic to local residents.”

There have been grants provided by the government available for businesses who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and you can find it through the Business Sheffield website.








Written by Lisa Mercatelli

Trainee journalist keeping the world informed 🙂

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