New food court promises more jobs for the people of Sheffield

More job opportunities are coming to Sheffield as the Cambridge Street Collective bring forward new plans to introduce a new dinning area in the complex.

On Monday, the Milestone Group were chosen to plan to create a vibrant food hall on the ground floor of Cambridge Street Collective. This, like many of the plans for the Heart of the City II, plan will lead to job creation in the city centre. The whole plan should create more than 7,000 new jobs for the people of Sheffield with many of those being in the food hall planned by the Milestone group.

Sheffield resident James Bartrum, 19 said: “This is a great opportunity for lots of people is Sheffield to get a job. Many people like myself need a job and this creates a perfect chance for people to get one in all different kinds of industry”.

Heart of the city II will bring more job opportunities such as two new hotels and 120,000 square feet retail which will include high end shops all that will mean more jobs for the people of Sheffield.

Mr Bartrum added: “Covid has made it very hard to get a job at the moment so a plan like this is really important for people to get their lives back.”

Unemployment and benefits rates have been rising over the past year due the effect of lockdowns on business across the country. A national rise of 1 per cent has been seen and with thousands more having to fall onto the benefit scheme in Sheffield.

Sheffield Project Director at Queensberry, Andrew Davison said: “Cambridge Street Collective is truly at the Heart of Sheffield City Centre and will be the beating heart of our scheme.

“We have all missed the social aspect of meeting up with friends and family during lockdown with this concept it will bring people together so they can interact, relax, socialise, experience, chat, eat and drink”.

The whole project is meant to be completed by 2024 but there as not been a confirmed date for when the food hall will be open.


Written by Toby Fitton

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