Sheffield hyper ethical website records 421 good deeds during COVID-19

A Sheffield website started as a ‘hyper ethical social media platform’ has ended up providing food for 3,000 meals, topping up people’s electricity and carrying out 421 ‘good deeds’ during the pandemic.

When it was set up the site, now called Ethical Much, donated money to charity for every positive story or piece of good news posted on it. Since the start of COVID-19, the website took a turn when there was not as much good news to spread amidst the pandemic and lockdown.

Bird Lovegod, from Sheffield, who set up Ethical Much, said: “Personally speaking, I am a Christian and I felt like I wanted to do something, not just with words but with action. I also wanted to be able to leave the house and so community work seemed like a good idea and there was also a need for it. People are hungry, what are you going to do?

“It was a combination of reasons why I started Ethical Much ranging from wanting to help people, wanting to have a proactive role in supporting people in the time of national crisis.”

With the onset of COVID-19, the website, which was originally called Good News, decided to undertake an initiative to help those in poverty around Sheffield. Cards were printed with Mr Lovegod’s phone number and email and delivered to deprived areas.

With the help of funds gathered, more than 300 food parcels have been delivered which equals around 3,000 meals, about 50 electricity top ups have been purchased and electric blankets and heaters have also been donated to people.

All of these ‘good deeds’ have individually been documented on the website which now records 421 deeds including delivering aromatic ducks to people for Christmas and delivering humanitarian aid to a Cambodian prison through Ethical Much’s system.

As a writer for Yorkshire Post, Mr Lovegod had prior experience with the help of which Ethical Much launched a bimonthly print magazine that shows the work done by them and also funds further projects through subscriptions.

Ethical Much is looking to increase their subscription base so the ‘Good Deed Fund’ gets bigger every month. Mr Lovegod will soon start giving subscribers access to the funds so that if they see someone who needs help, they can immediately claim the money from the funds.

Visit the Ethical Much website to see the good done by the community and find out how you too can help.





Written by Madhubani Jana

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