Improved high streets hope for Sheffield with support from national task force

Sheffield is among 70 local authorities that are due to get help rejuvenating their high streets in the wake of the pandemic.

The High Streets Task Force, HSTF, will work with local leaders from government, business, and the community to improve transformation and recommend ways to make positive change on the high street.

Professor Cathy Parker, HSTF Research Lead, said: “The Task Force recognises that high streets must evolve from monofunctional shopping centres to multifunctional community hubs.

“This process is driven by inspirational and knowledgeable local place leaders working in partnership across council, business and the community.

“The task force is here to support these managers and leaders.”

The HSTF selected top areas of the country that were identified as most deprived.

Despite Sheffield City Centre’s support with nearly £16m from the government, centres that are not in the middle face more challenges, according to Matthew Davis, Communications Lead for HSTF.

He said: “We can help them to think about the vision there, how to get funding in and how to get local community and business together to make that transformation happen.”

Over the next year, HSTF will send experts to visit an area nominated by each local authority to work and learn about the challenges, plans and visions for the future.

Support will be provided in terms of expert consultancy, workshops, training programmes and more.

More than 60% of local authorities and more than 3,000 people have already engaged with the Task Force, according to the HSTF.

Simon Quin, Executive Director of the HSTF, said: “This is not just about support for 70 locations alone.

“The High Streets Task Force is a wider commitment to raising the skills and resources of local leaders to transform our towns and cities for many years to come.

“For every high street we support directly, we hope that many more will benefit from the approaches and learning gained locally.”

The HSTF has been involved in managing high streets across England since June 2020.

To see the list of local authorities eligible for support click here.






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