Fly tippers leave woman feeling ‘unsafe’ in her neighbourhood

A woman has said she feels unsafe in her own neighbourhood after fly tippers left rubbish strewn across her road.

Rubbish including broken glass, plastic and industrial waste was thrown across Norfolk Park Road, Ingram Road and Granville Road on Saturday night.

Jess Ward, from Norfolk Park Road said: “I feel very angry. Upset. Really annoyed that someone could be so disrespectful to the environment and the area that I live.

“It makes you feel unsafe in the area that you live.”

She added: “Fly tipping is a big problem in the area. I do litter picks myself and especially around the Sky Edge area, it really concerns me that people just go and dump whatever.

“I actually reported some hypodermic needles and the council haven’t contacted me about the needles that were in the middle of a children’s playing field.”

Miss Ward was sleeping at 11:30pm on Saturday when she said she heard what sounded like an “industrial amount” of wine bottles being dropped from a great height.

She said: “It makes you frightened to go out and challenge it because if they’re doing that you don’t know what else they could do to you.

“I was walking my dog this morning and there’s still glass on the pavement. My concern is for my dogs paws and for the children that are playing out on the street.”

Sheffield City Council sent a team to clear the mess up the next morning. People were also outside trying to clear up the debris. A road sweeper was sent to Norfolk Road by the council on Sunday night.

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson said: “Under no circumstances should anyone flytip their waste.

“All household waste should be disposed of using the bin collection services provided, at a Household Waste Recycling Centre, through bulky waste collection service or using a registered skip company.”

Fly-tipping of waste is a criminal offence, and anyone who produces waste has a duty of care under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure that it is disposed of properly.

The maximum penalty fly tipping carries is an unlimited fine or up to five years imprisonment.

You can report any fly-tipping via Sheffield City Council’s website.



Written by Sophie Mason

I am a trainee journalist at the University of Sheffield. If you have any stories please contact me. I can be contacted at or on twitter @sophrose150

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