Pawsome News! The Bears of Sheffield Are Back

Bears are back 1

The Bears of Sheffield trail will be returning this summer to raise money for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The trail will begin in July 2021 and will support the fundraising drive for a new Cancer and Leukemia Ward Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The trail will contain 60 bears, standing at 2.1m tall.

They will be sponsored by local businesses, organisations, and families.

There will also be 100 little bears that have been fundraised for and decorated by schools, nurseries, and colleges.

The trail will take place an exact year later after it was planned and the news could not have been more warmly received.

Twitter was a wonderful place to be after the announcement with user Hannah Thorton saying: ” This announcement has made me feel quite emotional.

“Very Hopeful for summer days wandering about Sheffield at its most glorious.

“Full of people celebrating art, connection, joy, and playfulness.”

Another user, Katie Hamshaw said: “Fab news for a Monday Morning.

“Some much-needed activity and fun being brought to the city.”

After the trail is complete, each small bear will be returned to its school, nursery or college as a permanent memory of the project

The larger bears will be auctioned off to raise funds for Sheffield’s Children’s hospital.

The fundraiser comes at a vital time for the hospital.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a 35% decline in the charity’s fundraising, a decline of 1.3million

In a world that is slowly getting back to normal, this beary pawsome news is a reminder to us of the wonderful things which are to come.







Written by Josh Bailey

A former writer/social media producer for Maidstone United & The Spurs Express. Trainer Presenter at Hospital Broadcasting Sheffield. Host on "The US3 Podcast."

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