Virtual treasure hunt event to raise funds for homeless project

Sheffield Cathedral’s homelessness project has launched an online Easter Treasure Hunt event.

Sheffield Cathedral Archer Project is a place for homeless people to change their lives.

The Project team support homeless people to develop their independence, improve their ability and wellbeing.

Emily Bowes, from the Department of Marketing and Development of the Cathedral Archer Project, said: “The money raised from the Easter Treasure Hunt will be used to support our work with homeless and vulnerable adults.”

This virtual Easter treasure hunt is an online competition, running now until March 25, that people need to complete challenges and seek items in home and garden before the time ends.

The challenges include taking pictures with a pet.

Ms Bowes said: “Funds raised from this event will be used to support our breakfast and lunch service.

“They could go towards helping our staff to provide 1:1 person centred support for individuals who used the project.”

The Cathedral project team created a page on the Eventbrite website for people to sign up the event.

In order to participate in the Virtual Easter Treasure Hunt, people need to register first to receive the challenge sheet, have a fully charged phone that is capable of taking photos and videos, set time aside to complete the challenges, and return the challenge sheet to us before the deadline.

Rules for the virtual treasure hunt include that each item can only be used once to fulfil an entry.

All photos or videos must be taken by the participant. Any responses submitted after the time limit is eligible.

Participants should stay safe. This competition will not require players to perform dangerously or against Covid regulations.

Written by Yue Jiang

First year Journalism student at the University of Sheffield

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