South Yorkshire Police celebrates canine officer’s 5th birthday

Today marks the 5th birthday of one of South Yorkshire’s finest, a police dog named Luna.

Luna, a Malinois, joined the South Yorkshire Police force, transferring from the Northamptonshire Police, 12 months ago.

Since then, she has proved to be a valuable asset to the force and her handler PC Matt Aris.

Luna serves as a general purpose dog and is trained in apprehending offenders, tracking scents to find suspects along with missing people and locating property which may help in investigations.

Her handler, PC Aris, said that he initially had a difficult time moving on after his first partner, PD Bear, retired, but has only glowing comments on Luna and her contribution to the police force.

He said: “Since being paired together we have formed a strong bond and have both gone from strength to strength. She gives 110 per cent every time she comes to work. Luna’s faultless enthusiasm to work and protect the community of South Yorkshire is reflected in the results that she has had, not only personally but assisted in overall.”

“She has helped detain suspects in burglaries, thefts and even those carrying knives and firearms. I am very grateful to have such an amazing dog to be my partner and I know she will always protect me. I look forward to many more years of fighting crime together with her.”

He also happily reports that she will be well spoilt for two days to celebrate.

South Yorkshire Police force have expressed spirited birthday wishes and are very grateful for Luna and all of the dogs serving dutifully and risking their lives in the force.

Written by Mmesoma Muogilim

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