Sheffield youth organisation leads project to help the community recover from the pandemics

A Community Responders project designed to put young people at the heart of community action has been launched by Sheffield-based charity the Element Society.

The charity opened in 2013 and has used funding to help thousands of young people within their community by holding different projects.

The Society want to use its funds to do what is important to young people rather than what they think is important to create positive change.

Project manager Jasmine Watson said: “As a charity we make sure young people are the heartbeat of how Element creates programs for young people, we are entirely youth lead.”

The community responders project is designed to create different ideas and projects that volunteers aged between 16-24 can implement in there own community, fully supported and facilitated by Element.

Anyone in Sheffield age 16-24 can volunteer to be a Community Responder.

They are a non-profit charity and received funding via a bid from the national lottery for post-covid community responder initiative.

This funding will ensure community voices are heard, and that positive action is taken in local communities to help the recovery from these challenging times.

Manger of the project David Green said: “We’re used to face to face human contact and interactive work. It’s been a big shift working online.  We want to set up this project and get as many young people across the community to submit an pitch ideas to us.

“We offer feedback about the pitch and offer resources they may need and support with funding to get that project running.”

Element will then offer support and training in safeguarding, risk assessments and time keeping as well as other skills so they can carry out there projects.

Element is well established in Sheffield and have recently linked with the national trust to help  disadvantaged children and getting them out into the countryside.

Mr Green said: “A really important part of our work is reaching as many communities and as much diversity across Sheffield as possible. We try to involve other charities an youth organisations as well as universities and sixth form colleges as we really want to reflect on what Sheffield is as a place.

“Sheffield is a very diverse city, it has areas of socio economic deprivation, it has everything and would be great to bring people together from different backgrounds.”

If you’re interested in volunteering and pitching an idea, you can sign up here before March, 24. As well as finding other useful dates and projects Element has to offer.

Written by Lucy Vincent

Journalism Student at Sheffield University Forge press & Liberty Belle Contributor Writer for Sheflive

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