Sheffield charity supports older people in lockdown

A Sheffield-based church charity has set up an Amazon Wishlist to support the elderly and isolated during the lockdown.

Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care (SCCCC) is asking for people to donate items to their charity in their Amazon Wishlist if people do not want to donate money.

Items on the list include disposable gloves, masks, single bedding, single flat sheets, single duvets, and pillows.

Fundraising, marketing and communications officer Ericka Hill said: “Since the birth of the charity in 1966, we’ve always known that there is a need to support people who are housebound, who can’t get out, who can’t connect with their communities.

“The pandemic and the lockdown have really made us all aware about how it feels to be lonely and how it feels to be isolated, especially if you live alone and you’ve got no body who can come and visit you.”

Alongside the Amazon Wishlist, a Pen Pal scheme has been organised by the charity where members of the public send cards or drawings to the elderly, so they know that people are still thinking of them.

Mrs Hill said: “A lady rang us, and she left a message on our answer phone and she said ‘Thank you so, so much for sending me the card through it really, really does make my day. I can’t write back because I’ve got arthritis in my fingers, but I just want you to know that I appreciate it so, so much’.

“We have people who are partially sighted who reply back to us but they see some of the lovely pictures that some of the children from schools have been sending them and it really brightens up their day.

The SCCCC have voiced their thanks on twitter. They said: “We are so thankful for donations of stamps and generic cards for us to continue to support isolated older people in #Sheffield through our Pen pal scheme.”

If you would like to help support the SCCCC then click the link here.

Written by Jonny Chick

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